ADC Future Summit 2009 – Megatrends Part 2


There are large forces slowly but powerfully reshaping the world. Some of these megatrends will have significant strategic impact over many years. They can be demographic, resource-based, technological, ecological, philosophical, commercial or political. They can create disruption as well as major opportunities.

• What are the underlying megatrends in 2009 and which will be the most salient going forward?

• How can we differentiate between weak signals and noise as we monitor these megatrends?

• Which megatrends will constitute the new engines of strategic growth for the next major economic cycle?

• Do the underlying megatrends suggest an optimal strategic direction for Australia?

Facilitator: Dr Anne Summers AO

Panellists: Tom Bentley, Senior Adviser, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet; Holly Kramer, Group Managing Director, Telstra Product Management; Dr Simon Longstaff, Executive Director, St James Ethics Centre; Professor Penny Sackett, Chief Scientist of Australia; Alison Sander, Director, Center for Sensing and Mining the Future, The Boston Consulting Group; Ann Sherry AO, Chief Executive Officer, Carnival Australia; Karim Temsamani, General Manager, Google Australia and New Zealand