Future Summit

Registrations are now open for the ADC Future Summit 2012, Grand Hyatt Melbourne, 14 and 15 May.

The Future Summit brings together exceptional thinkers to take part in an expansive discourse about the complex and compelling challenges ahead providing a uniquely collaborative framework for participants to debate, share insights and develop actionable options for a more prosperous future.

Theme for 2012: Volatility and Opportunities for Renewal

Our economic and political systems are under increasing strain, and resource consumption and technological developments are challenging the human relationship with nature. Rather than advocating wholesale change or replacement, the idea of renewal promotes the restoration and redefinition of the fundamental values, aspirations, rights and entitlements underpinning existing systems. Through the process of renewal, we will be better positioned to adjust, repair or transform our systems appropriately.

We apply this thematic framework to three key areas:

Approaches to generating prosperity — we will examine our economic systems and consider how they can be improved; the building of pathways for entrepreneurship; as well as the sharing of prosperity between generations. We will also look at alternative ways of defining prosperity and rethinking its association with economic growth.

Engagement and political purpose — we will scrutinise the role of the nation state and its formulation of a national agenda, changes in civic engagement, and attempt to look beyond divisive categorizations and thinking.

Our relationship with nature — we will review of our place in the world and the nature/human boundary, particularly in terms of resource use and the ethical implications of technological advancements and environmental and material manipulation.

Fees (inclusive of GST) include the two-day program, ADC Future Summit 2012 Report, Gala dinner and other catering.

ADC Forum members: $1950
Non-members: $2450
Early bird (1st February): $215o